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January 13, 2005

Graph VisSyllabus for all sect

The his entry covers stuff I have looked at and tried to get graph layout and visualization to work in C# for the phylogenetics project.

The basic plan thus far is:

  • Use the Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX control to display and PDF file in the C# windows application. The activeX control is included with version 5.0 and higher (currently 7.0)
    1. Make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher is installed on the system.
    2. Create a new C# windows application using the Wizard.
    3. Open the form toolbox.
    4. Right click the Windows Forms toolbox entry and select Add/Remove Items...
    5. Click on the COM Components tab and add a check to the Adobe Acrobat x.0 Browser Dcoument com object and click OK.
    6. Find the newly added Adobe Acrobat x.0 Browser Dcoument componenent in your Toolbox and add it to your form.
    7. Double click the added object to bring up the code area and add axAcroPDF1.LoadFile("c:\\tmp\\file.pdf"); to the axAcroPDF1_Enter(...) function.
    8. Build and run the application
    Here is some ActiveX support docs for the Adobe component.
  • Actually, we want to use the Adobe SVG viewer to dispay the plots because dot can output directory to svg and svgz formats.
    1. Download and install the Adobe SVG viewer.
    2. Add the new SVG Document to you Visual Studio .NET Toolbox as described above for the PDF viewer.
    3. Add a panel object to you form.
    4. Anchor the panel object on all sides so it resizes with the window.
    5. Add the Adobe SVG viewer to the panel.
    6. Dock the viewer in its properties and set it to fill; this will let it resize with the panel.
    7. Set the SRC property on the SVG viewer to the file you want.
    8. If you overwrite the file and want the viewer to update, call its reload() member function.
  • Use the GraphViz dot or neato programs to generato the layout.
    1. Download and instalSyllabus for al

Posted by jones at January 13, 2005 12:30 PM


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