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The submission dates for the following conference(s) have past: FM 2006(http://fm06.mcmaster.ca/) MEMOCODE 2006(http://memocode.irisa.fr/cfp.html) SAS 2006(http://ropas.snu.ac.kr/sas06/) V&D 2006(http://www.ist.tugraz.at/vandd) BMC 2006(http://iew3.technion.ac.il/BMC06/bmc06.html)
AbreviationSubdateTools dateNotification DateLocationConference Date
FM 2006 Feb 24, 2006May 26, 2006May 26, 2006Ontario, CanadaAug 21-27, 2006
Applying mathematical methods to the design of highly trusted computer systems.
MEMOCODE 2006 March 17, 2006May 19, 2006Napa Valley, CaliforniaJuly 27-29, 2006
Explore ways in which software and hardware design can exploit research results in formal methods
SAS 2006 April 7, 2006NoMay 26, 2006Seoul, KoreaAug 29-31, 2006
Static Analysis for program verification, bug detection, compiler optimization, program understanding, and software maintenance
V&D 2006 April 24, 2006NoSeattle, Washington16-20 Aug, 2006
Part of CAV 2006
BMC 2006 May 1, 2006NoMay 22, 2006Seattle, Washington15 Aug, 2006
Part of CAV 2006
SVV 2006 -NoMay 29, 2006Seattle, Washington21 Aug, 2006
Part of FLoC 2006
SEFM 2006 March-April, 2006No-Pune, IndiaSept, 2006
advance the state of the art in formal methods, to scale up their application in software industry and to encourage their integration with practical engineering methods.
Formats 2006 ---Paris, FranceSept 25-27, 2006
Great for timed systems
MoChart 2006 10 April, 200610 May, 2006Riva Del Garda, Italy28 Aug, 2006
Combinations of AI and model checking techniques
FMCAD 2006 24 April, 200623 June, 2006San Jose, California11-16 November, 2006
ASE 2006 24 Feb, 2006Tokyo, JapanSept 18-20, 2006
Analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of large software systems
Cluster 2006 Barcelona, SpainSeptember 25-28, 2006
Issues, directions, and results that will shape the future of cluster computing
Concur 2006 ---Bonn, GermanyAug 27-30, 2006
The purpose of the CONCUR series of conferences is to bring together researchers, developers, and students in order to advance the theory of concurrency, and promote its applications

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